Saturday, September 24, 2011

After the storm

Our house survived Irene fairly well - thank you to our August renters who braved power outages and felled trees in the driveway!

We've made some major improvements over the past few months. A new Jenn Air stove, new refrigerator (bottom freezer), new washer and drier, and this week, a new furnace. Pete and Jack built a new set of steps off the patio - Jack's first real carpentry project!

After 20 years of owning our house, it feels great to have these smooth-running appliances. And the furnace will make the house much cozier this winter.

Mostly we are grateful that the trees fell around the house, and not on it - that the water flowed swiftly through our basement (which is built to sustain spring runoff from the mountain above), that we are all safe.

Next spring: painting.

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